Saturday, April 17, 2010

TDD is a Misnomer

We all know, at least those of us in the software community, that TDD stands for "Test Driven Development". That's a huge misnomer. Simply because TDD is much more than about tests. Yes - tests are a core part of TDD. But TDD is also about the following:

  1. It's a way to capture behavior (think requirements)
  2. It's a design tool (If it's easy to test, the resulting code will be elegant)
  3. It captures high level documentation (think tools like agiledox)
  4. It's a regression test suite.

The word "tests" in it leads to all kinds of confusion among TDD practitioners. What do I test? How do I test? What do I test first?

Happily, we now have Behavior Driven Development - which simply removes the confusion around TDD while taking it to a whole new level.

Yes - I'm beginning to like BDD a lot. It's a better TDD and more.

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