Sunday, February 20, 2011

BDD - Words matter

BDD is a lot about using the right words. Even as BDD leverages benefits of ATDD and TDD, this is an important differentiator. One could even argue that BDD was required because TDD did not quite get the words right, even as it otherwise provided an awesome methodology. Consider - how often have we had a need to say that TDD is not really about tests even if the T in TDD actually stands for tests?

Words, if used incorrectly, can get in the way. Conversely, using the right words, causes the right thoughts. The right thoughts, lead to correct actions. Correct actions, lead to desired outcomes.

The right words have a very subtle and powerful effect. If all you did was TDD but substituted the word “behavior” for “test”, you should already begin experiencing a paradigm shift towards BDD. Very different questions start popping into your head. Instead of “What should I test?”, you might hear“What’s the intended behavior?”. This will cause you to think differentlyand therefore, you will write very different code.

Words matter to build "Software that matters". And BDD facilitates this.

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